KL CHRONICLE: #Covid - 19, @DrAdhamBaba & his team has done a fantastic job for Malaysia

Saturday, April 4, 2020

#Covid - 19, @DrAdhamBaba & his team has done a fantastic job for Malaysia

On the 9th of March 2020, Dr. Adham Baba was appointed the new Health Minister of Malaysia. His appointment correlated with the start of the Covid - 19 pandemic crisis in Malaysia. Upon his appointment as the new Health Minister, the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) welcomed Dr. Adham Baba and his deputies and noted that both Dr. Adham and his deputy, Dr. Noor Azmi are trained doctors who had worked in the Malaysian healthcare system. In addition, MMA believed this will be a plus point and beneficial in policy-making of our nation's healthcare system [1]. 

Fast forward to 4th of April 2020, the Health Ministry, with support of the civil servants and also with the guidance and decision making of the Health Minister and his two deputies have shown tremendous result in combating the Covid - 19 virus in the country. Malaysia has one of the highest number of recovery rates throughout the world and our best practices are being sough after by countries worldwide as they also try to curb the spread of the Covid - 19 virus. 

Success Stories 

We at #KLChronicle take cognizant of the success of our very own Health Ministry. For example, we take note of the fantastic achievement by Dr. Adham Baba and his team where it took the government only three (3) days to transform the exhibition halls of the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (Maeps) into a gigantic temporary makeshift hospital for Covid-19 patients [2]. 

What is more interesting is that the hospital, which is the brainchild of Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, can accommodate a maximum of 604 patients. It was set up to ease congestion at gazetted Covid-19 hospitals by accepting low risk patients who only show mild symptoms of the virus.

The Health Ministry and other government agencies, such as the police and army, rolled up their sleeves and worked day and night to ensure the project was completed within the stipulated time. 

It has to be noted that the MAEPS temporary hospital was built to complement the 40 already gazetted hospitals to treat Covid-19. Basically, the government wants to ease the congestion at normal hospitals so that the front liners there can focus on patients that needs urgent care and others who are low risk patients can be moved to somewhere else and be taken care of.

We at #KLChronicle also were made aware that the facilities are fully air-conditioned and each patient will be provided a single bed and two pillows, a drawer, and a small study table for them to store their belongings. The centre is also equipped with WiFi, televisions and computers.

Other medical facilities are also available at the premises, such as a pharmacy, X-ray machine, pathology laboratory, occupational health and safety services, and a dietician.

The hospital also provides a safe working environment for medical staff and nurses, as they will have special working rooms separated from the other areas.

All this was done in a space of only 3-4 days and within a month of Dr. Adham Baba appointment as the Health Minister. 

Kudos to Dr. Adham Baba and his team again for putting the effort and demonstrating fantastic leadership and responsibility in ensuring that we can fight this Covid - 19 pandemic as best as we can. 

Thank You!

P/S: The second part of the success story will be published tomorrow! 😉



Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Grateful Malaysian said...

Yes ... only useless poeple said all the efforts MOH has done and achieved is useless because such people are braineless

Anonymous said...

You are useless and brainless...why don't you go to sg buluh hospital and help the medical staff there...but brainless person like you is of no use so forget it

Anonymous said...

Minum Air Suam Health Minister ? Shame for Malaysia
Health DG and team did all the good job... him nah !!

abg_my said...

good job

Tikus Besar said...

The DG of MoH is doing a great job. Your brainless air suam minister is doing a fantastic *PR* job for himself.

Anonymous said...

Menteri2 PN lebih berwibawa & lebih berkualiti berbanding bekas menteri2 PHancing. Kalau menteri2 PHancing buat kerja dgn cekap sebelum mereka kena 'tendang' hari tu dah tentu wabak ini tak teruk melanda negara.. itu pasti!

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