KL CHRONICLE: Netizen slams Dr. Mahathir for defending toll prices #AbolishToll #KekalNajib

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Netizen slams Dr. Mahathir for defending toll prices #AbolishToll #KekalNajib

Netizen today slammed Pakatan Harapan PM - designate Dr. Mahathir Mohamad for defending his policies of introducing toll roads for the rakyat although the rakyat had made it clear they are unhappy with the policy.

In defending his toll policies, he said the toll rates in Malaysia were the lowest in the world, citing an example of a bridge he had travelled on in Japan which imposed an exorbitant toll on users.

“To cross the bridge costs RM270 for a one-way journey and more than RM500 for both ways.

“This bridge is almost similar to the Penang bridge, but the Penang bridge only costs RM7 for a return journey.

“Since it (Penang bridge) was built until today, the rates have never been increased,".

This is typical Dr. Mahathir and he is stubborn as always. He still thinks he knows best and we the rakyat has to "kow tow" to him. However, this totally different with the leadership style of our current PM YAB Datuk Seri Haji Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak.

Our PM has a very clear objective which is reducing the burden of the rakyat due to lopsided toll agreements that was signed by Dr. Mahathir previously. Just look at the number of tolls that the DS Najib have abolished since he came into power:

Do you guys seriously want Dr. Mahathir as our next PM and give him an opportunity to introduce toll roads again and subsequently collect money from us?

1 comment:

TanahMelayuNews.blogspot.my said...

Aiya... 2 libu 300 latut kilomita..
Najib tak amik tol ??!!

Inilah yg rakyat nak.. duit cukai dipulangkan..
Tiada keuntungan..

Ini buat highway utara selatan.. guna duit rakyat..
Lepas tu suruh rakyat bayar kalau nk guna..
Nak meniaga ka? Or nk sama2 tinggal di tanah melayu??

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