KL CHRONICLE: @VellPaari : What is wrong if a Malaysian Indian own Malindo Air? #Negaraku #Malaysia

Saturday, August 5, 2017

@VellPaari : What is wrong if a Malaysian Indian own Malindo Air? #Negaraku #Malaysia

*Press Statement*
*Datuk Seri S. Vell Paari*

*5 August 2017*

*_No harm for Malindo CEO to own 46% of shares in Malindo Air_*

1. I refer to recent statements on Malindo Air by certain parties and would like to respond accordingly on the following issues:
_a) Questioning it's foreign ownership_
_b) Operating out of KLIA_
_c) Airport tax debt with MAHB_
_d) Malindo Air CEO, Chandran Rama Muthy and his wife owning 46% of the company._

2. Let me first touch the topic on Mr and Mrs Chandran's shareholding. I am very surprised and sadden that an ownership of a company is now being questioned along racial lines. As the Prime Minister is advocating unity and the spirit of Negaraku, there are still people who seems hell bent on bringing up racial issues to create friction among the various communities in Malaysia.

3. What is wrong with an ethnic Malaysian Indian owning 46% shares in Malindo Air? Is there an hidden A1partheid style agenda in place for non Malays in Malaysia. I know of none maybe those who are questioning Mr and Mrs Chandran's ownership of Malindo can enlighten me.

4. The sad part is, we are always so quick to recognise or  praise of one who is Malaysian born or one who is totally or partially Malaysian parentage or is married to a Malaysian that succeed overseas in their new country of citizenship and majority of the time are non Malays. But when it happens locally it becomes a racial issue.

5. Secondly, it has to be noted that our Prime Minister is one of the main proponents of foreign investment, especially with China and India after his recent visits to both countries. Will this also now become a racial issue?

6. If foreign ownership in Malaysia is an issues, then what about Malaysian State and privately owned companies taking up equity in other countries in expanding their business reach. What is to happen if those in other countries impose such restrictions to our companies expanding there.

7. In a globalized world. business is now border-less where there are in-flow of foreign funds and also out - flow of funds by our sovereign wealth fund to invest in overseas projects. The action taken by certain irresponsible parties questioning foreign investment is not good for our economy. It seems that we are trying to stifle investments when in fact it is providing thousands of jobs to Malaysians. Does this not create value to the country?

8. On the issue of Malindo operating out of KLIA that is a business decision between Malindo and MAHB. Stating that this will stifle Malaysian Airlines cannot be comprehended. Don't forget others are also flying out of KLIA. KLIA is not exclusive to Malaysian Airlines. What is Malindo Air compared to Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar, China Airlines and British Airline. Are we going ask them to move to KLIA2 or various other Airports in Malaysian to protect Malaysian Airlines?

9. On the alleged RM 70 million debt that Malindo Air have with Malaysia Airports Holding Berhad (MAHB). This is between Malindo Air and MAHB and let them resolve this issue accordingly. Are they saying the board of MAHB is not astute to handle this.

10. Referring to the statement by Transport Minister Dato Seri Liow Tiong Lai, he is confident that the arrears will be paid and this in itself shows the confidence that the government have in Malindo Air. I am sure that other airlines also owe MAHB in Airport Tax and MAHB is working hand in hand with the airlines to resolve this matter.

11. However, why Malindo Air is the only airline being singled out baffles me and concerns me greatly. Is there a bigger game plan at hand to sabotage Malindo Air. This need to be looked at seriously.

12. Finally, i would like to advise my colleagues in Barisan Nasional (BN) and those holding post in civil service to not dwell in racial issues especially to question the ownership of business owned by non - Malays in this country.

13. The Prime Minister is working very hard to bring all the communities together, and let's all of us support the efforts taken by the Prime Minister rather than trying to sabotage his efforts.

Thank You.

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