KL CHRONICLE: Dato Seri S. @VellPaari : Proposal for a Joint UMNO & MIC Divisional Leaders Congress

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dato Seri S. @VellPaari : Proposal for a Joint UMNO & MIC Divisional Leaders Congress

Dato Seri S. @VellPaari is a MIC CWC member

UMNO & MIC Divisional Leaders Congress

With the next General Election is to be held on or before 24th August 2018, I would be proposing to Datuk Seri Dr. Subramaniam to discuss with Datuk Seri Najib for both United Malay National Organization (UMNO) and Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) President’s to hold a joint UMNO & MIC Divisional Chairmans Congress. The objective of this congress is to discuss, share knowledge, deliberate and provide credible strategies to both parties in preparation for the 14th General Election.

The congress is important because as the backbone of Barisan Nasional with its 88 seats in Parliament, UMNO has the knowledge and capability to advise on strategises how best to face the coming General Election. MIC would provide feedback to UMNO on the sentiment of ethnic Indian communities at various constituencies and how best to tackle the issues at hand.

Most would question why the need for a special congress when there is the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council meeting. However, the BN Supreme Council is represented by the party presidents and not by divisional leaders. The congress that I am proposing is to be attended by ALL divisional leaders from UMNO and MIC. This includes the Division Chairman, Wanita, Pemuda, Puteri and Putera chiefs.

The reason for divisional leaders to attend this congress is simple. During election periods, at each constituency the election director/leader is always the division chairman and supported by all the division wing chiefs. Therefore, this people are the ones with experience on how to manage an election and definitely they have a lot lessons to be shared within themselves and also to other BN component parties.

We have very limited time to prepare for the next General Election and we should start running. The first step is to tap knowledge and experience from component party members since we are all one big family under the Barisan Nasional umbrella. The UMNO & MIC Divisional Leaders Congress can be the first step to more engagement between grass root leaders for all components parties in BN.

Press Statement
Dato Seri S. Vell Paari
CWC Member
Malaysia Indian Congress (MIC)

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