KL CHRONICLE: @Bersih2 #Bersih4 How Times Change, Now UMNO'S former President is a Hero

Saturday, August 29, 2015

@Bersih2 #Bersih4 How Times Change, Now UMNO'S former President is a Hero

Sergeant says : Bersih 4's objectives are as followed 

1.)Free and Fair Elections 
2.)A Transparent Government
3.)Right to Demonstration
4.)Strengthening the Parliamentary Democracy system 
5.)Saving the national economy 

Bersih 4 then welcomed Tun Mahathir , the former Prime Minister's presence . They cheered, made way for him . Gave him Round and rounds of applause 

1.)during his time, he conducted the freest and fairest elections in malaysia 

2.)He has the most transparent government

3.)He allows all sort of demonstration 

4.) He embraces parliamentary democratic system to the maximum 

5.) He developed the economy of the country and used many many years to save Malaysian economy from crumbling which happened in 3 days 

Allow me to add on 

6.) He preserved the judiciary to its best during his time

7.) He has no cronies , hence free from all forms of corruption, nepotism, and cronyism

Good job bersih 4 . You guys are amazing :) proud of you


gabenor johor said...

United Madey National Organisation (UMNO)

mus imah said...

I think he is the worst of all PMs. He has change 360% because of his crionies which mostly are Chinese, too bad.

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