KL CHRONICLE: Gambar Koleksi Porsche Mahathir & @MukhrizMahathir

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gambar Koleksi Porsche Mahathir & @MukhrizMahathir

After Mahathir had quit as Proton Chairman a few days ago, he decided to turn up at the anti-GST rally today in his Porsche Cayenne instead of the Proton Iriz he used a few months ago at the UMNO General Assembly.

This offered us a rare glimpse of the car with the number plate MM1 - which was previously also seen on an older model Porsche.

it is interesting to Mahathir went to anti GST demo today in a new Porsche Cayenne S costing around RM800k. 

He is telling people that GST is a burden and "causes suffering" among the rakyat because he had to pay around RM50 in GST.

RM65k is enough to buy one brand new Proton Preve. 

Because of GST, Proton lost one sale! 

Also today, the car with the number plate MM4 owned by his son was also seen at the rally. It now sits on a RM1.5 million Mercedes AMG S63s Coupe.

In recent years, this same MM4 number plate was also seen on a Pagani Zonda, a Porsche 911 Carrera S, a very limited-edition Porsche Carrera GT - all multi million ringgit cars.

If they were to buy those cars after GST was implemented a year ago, they would have paid a lot in GST which would have bought many units of brand new Proton cars.

But the interesting thing is that GST at 6% is actually less than the previous sales tax of 10% on cars - thus GST actually helped Mahathir's family save money and pay less taxes on their ever-changing cars.

Thus, Mahathir and his family should know that GST is actually kurang menyusahkan to them compared to the old sales tax system.

It certainly is weird to see Mahathir and one other son come to the anti-GST rally today in expensive cars to tell the rakyat how GST menyiusahkan rakyat.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Mahathir may already have lost some love for Proton by not turning up in one today.

(Note, there is a mistake. The red porsche on the bottom is actually MM1 and not MM4 - but I am too lazy to change already).


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