KL CHRONICLE: @RafiziRamli, finally a proven serial liar

Monday, November 14, 2016

@RafiziRamli, finally a proven serial liar

Rafizi has been found guilty of breaking the OSA laws and sentenced to 18 months jail. This is no surprise as Rafizi himself had admitted to being guilty.

He was not sentenced for "exposing 1MDB's monstrous scandal" as what  Pakatan is positioning, he was sentenced for being stupid for exposing one page of the 1MDB's Auditor General Report which was already read by 4 Pakatan MPs including Tony Pua.

He had revealed the OSA document to "expose" that LTAT has links with 1MDB but has not been fully paid - something we all know already as news of LTAT being awarded the contract by 1MDB to move the Sg Besi air-base and to develop the 8 replacement military bases is public info.

In any case, LTAT has not lost any money and will be fully paid by the IWH-China Rail consortium that has taken a 60% ownership of the Bandar Malaysia project.

Therefore, Rafizi's OSA "expose" is totally wasted and ill-advised.

LTAT lost no money at all and in fact, HAD MADE money and will continue to make money from the construction works of the military bases and from the contract to move the Sg Besi airbase.

This is the fourth straight court loss for various cases for Rafizi. Has anyone lost more court cases in a row?

While I am sure he will appeal against this ruling but this will disqualify him from seeking re-election until he gets a favourable outcome in his appeal hearing.

He still has other court cases - civil and criminal pending.

His 4 years-old BAFIA case which is as clear cut as anything and also the LTAT, Tabung Haji and Najib-Rosmah (saya hanya bergurau) cincin cases to deal with,

I can only say that Rafizi asked for this. And now he has got what he wanted.

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