KL CHRONICLE: Joseph @cmlimguaneng Caught with his "pants down" #LGERasuah

Friday, March 18, 2016

Joseph @cmlimguaneng Caught with his "pants down" #LGERasuah

DAP Sec-Gen and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng just held a Press Conference at 12:30pm in KOMTAR (even though it is Friday prayers time but that's another matter).

In his PC, he delivered his press statement that he wants to meet Datuk Shabuddin one-to-one for Shabuddin to show "proof" of his allegations of corruption or abuse of power regarding the purchase of his house. I suggest that Shabuddin should not layan him and ask Lim Guan Eng to answer in parliament (where the original allegations were made) or to MACC/PDRM.

Lim Guan Eng also CONFIRMED that the house was purchased for RM2.8 million and that he had paid RM700,000 cash (probably menabung dari kecil) and took a loan for RM2.1 million.

He said that there is nothing wrong with the purchase price (even though it is priced at least 2-3 times lower than his neighbours house prices) since it is "willing-buyer willing-seller" basis with Ms Phang Li Koon. This is the exact same excuse given by Khir Toyo before.

For some reason, LGE does not believe there is nothing wrong with a public official buying property at 2-3 times below market value. (and why you never mention no swimming pool in your press statement?)

He had also stated that Dato Shaik had apologized to him in court on the same issue before in 2012  This is wrong as Dato Shaik only apologized to Lim Guan Eng coz Shaik for some reason accused LGE of "taking money" for the deal. Shaik did not apologize for raising this Taman Manggis issue at all.

LGE also said that the Taman Manggis land was sold thru open tender (but it was RFP) and it was sold to a company and not to Phang Li Koon.

But LGE did not mention that the buyer of the land is close business partners with the owner of the company buying the land.

LGE also said that the state govt had no knowledge that the Taman Manggis land was previously allocated for low-cost housing PPRT projects. (never mind that the completed 18 floors PPRT Phase 1 was just next to that land).


In the Ucapan Penggulungan Ketua Menteri Sempena Persidangan DUN Ke-12 by the "KETUA MENTERI PULAU PINANG" (himself lar) in 2012, he clearly said this (photo):

"Kerajaan Negeri sememangnya menimbang untuk membina rumah mampu milik dalam tapak tersebut, sungguhpun ianya ditandakan sebagai tanah lapang. Akan tetapi, Kerajaan Negeri memutuskan untuk tidak meneruskan pembinaan rumah mampu milik atas tanah 1 ekar ini" 

He also said that Datuk Shabudin made those allegatons in parliament because Shabudin had immunity. But LGE forgot that Shabudin also repeated those allegations and showed proof in a press-conference outside parliament on the same day. So the immunity thing does not even come into play. Don't lie lah!

Overall, LGE's press statement has no merit or points to defend himself whatsoever and consist of ultra lame excuses.

Just give your lame excuses to MACC lah.


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