KL CHRONICLE: @dapmalaysia mother of all hypocrites @tonypua @imokman

Monday, November 2, 2015

@dapmalaysia mother of all hypocrites @tonypua @imokman

Hypocrisy in comparison.

Do you still remember the GE13, where BN which garnered 49% of the popular vote garnered the right to govern, with its president made the Prime Minister of Malaysia, where Pakatan Rakyat with 51% of the popular vote became the federal opposition?

Those who voted in the election cried foul, never-mind that it happens everywhere in the world IE UK, US, Canada and Australia (read this post if you want to see the detail breakdown on how government in these countries governed despite wining minority popular votes https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152295133965306&id=521730305

Especially DAP leaders. They seem to purport the principle that entity which wins the highest claim to representation (votes) should be the legit leading entity to dictate in an organisation  (in GE13 case, the right to govwrn and form a government). Against the principle of equitable representation, they argue in favour of direct representation.

What put their above principle to test, is their very own DAP party election.

Most recent Selangor DAP election saw what happened during GE13 replicated, even more blatantly.

Tony Pua, the Selangor DAP chairman, garnered 495 votes in the election. His representation is way lesser than Gobind Deo, who won 736 votes but was only made the deputy chairman. 

Teng, who won the least votes get to become the vice chairman. Yeoh bee yin, Rajiv who were voted out, were then appointed to the committee along with few Malay candidates. It is interesting to note how a supposedly 'Malaysia for Malaysian' party, whom party leadership is determined by these voting delegates, refused to vote in any Malay leaders to lead their party.  This is hypocrisy 2 which I would discuss in later days. Whilst DAP leadership tried hard to pull in some presumed Malay puppet (presumption : None puppet are quickly kicked out as soon as they start to perform, one like Tunku Aziz to ensure that those remain and those who would succumb I guess?), their voting delegates who represents the party grass root that wields power, refuse to acknowledge Malay's leadership. 

Suffice to say, those in the committee, and the chairman himself, are not reflective of what the party really wants as it's leadership. If they wanted Tony Pua to be the chairman he should have garnered the most popular votes. Instead, he who didn't made it to top 5 was made the number 1. So are the others in the committee who didn't made it to top 15.

You can now see that in principle, they capitalised the party system to ensure that the least representative one remains the top helm of the party. And you wonder if Tony Pua will ever come out to justify why he who only won 60% of the vote compared to Gobind Deo would be made the boss of Gobind, just like how BN who only won 98% (49% x 2) of Pakatan's popular vote would be the boss of Pakatan  (Government). 

I do not want to say that DAP ''s election system is wrong. It is not wrong. It allows non direct representation. It allows entity with lower representation count (Tony) to lead the party. Just like how our federal constitution allow BN with lower representation count to lead the government.

What is wrong, is when the DAP leaders mocked the system that is very much embodied in its party. They mocked and ridiculed it when the system is not in their favour, but champion it when the same system works for them.

Such is the hypocrisy I saw today in DAP selangor's party election.


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