KL CHRONICLE: Chicken @TonyPua Backs down from debating Arul Kanda #1MDB

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Chicken @TonyPua Backs down from debating Arul Kanda #1MDB

A View To A Kill From The Very Top


Today, 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) president Arul Kanda Kandasamy accepted DAP MP Tony Pua’s challenge for a live debate on television. Arul Kanda also said he withdraws his earlier precondition for Tony Pua’s resignation from the PAC before the live debate on 1MDB can be held.

“Today, I stand before you to say openly to Tony Pua I withdraw my condition. I will meet YB Tony Pua for live discussion, or talk show, or debate, without any condition,” the 1MDB president said.

Tony Pua responded to Arul Kanda’s acceptance by saying, “It should be a question-and-answer session and not a debate because I am asking the questions. There’s nothing for him to ask me.”

So it might not quite be a debate after all as everyone had originally thought. Instead it is going to be an interrogation. Tony Pua will be asking all the questions and Arul Kanda must reply to those questions. Arul Kanda cannot ask Tony Pua any questions in return.

I suppose this is just like me challenging you to a boxing match. And the terms of the boxing match is only I can punch you but you cannot punch me. You are not even allowed to block my punches because your hands are going to be tied behind your back.

I was told that the DAP leadership broke out into cold sweat when Arul Kanda accepted Tony Pua’s challenge to a debate with no conditions attached. One leader even said, “That idiot must be fooking crazy. He is no match for Arul. Arul will finish him off.”

Tony Pua has been advised to avoid any debate with Arul Kanda because clearly he is going to be made to look like an idiot. Arul Kanda would be well prepared with documents and facts while all Tony Pua has are unfounded allegations with no evidence.

Hence Tony Pua decided to back down from the debate when he was the one who asked for it and instead changed it to an interrogation where he will ask all the questions and Arul Kanda must just reply to those questions without asking any questions in return.

Well, there you have it. The chicken shit Tony Pua chickened out after all. So the much-touted debate that we were waiting for with bated breath was just a cock teaser in the end.

Anyway, Tony Pua does not really have any debating skills so I doubt we are going to miss much other than witness Arul Kanda bogelkan Tony Pua in public. It was actually a wise decision by the DAP leadership to instruct Tony Pua to back down from the debate. Had the debate gone on it would have not only affected Tony Pua’s image but that of DAP as well. Tony Pua would not have come out from the debate unscathed.

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