KL CHRONICLE: MCA respects right to hold rally, provided it's lawful

Friday, September 11, 2015

MCA respects right to hold rally, provided it's lawful

We at #KLChronicle would like to take this opportunity to congratulate MCA's Deputy President Datuk Dr. Ir. Wee Ka Siong for being consistent in his approach towards rallies in this country. Please bear in mind that we at #KLChronicle do not and will never condone any rallies that are racial in nature. The reason for our stand is simple. There is no place for racist and bigots in this country. Period. 

However, in legal terms and according to the laws of this country, Datuk Dr. Ir. Wee Ka Siong has made a valid point. This is because, the laws of the country allows for peaceful assembly and we as citizens of the country must follow and respect the laws of the land. It's just as simple as that. Quoting Datuk Dr. Ir. Wee Ka Siong:

“The MCA has been an agent of ‘perpaduan’ (unity); we want to see peace, racial harmony, and we must maintain that. So, I hope there won’t be any untoward incident,” 

The key word in the above statement is "perpaduan' (Unity). This country was built upon the unity of the different races where Chinese Malaysians excel in Business, Malay's are dominant in Politics whereas the Indians excel in numerous professional occupations such as lawyers, doctors and etc. There is a place for everybody in this blessed land and we should keep it that way. 

It is also important to note that the action taken by the Chinese DAP supporters who had behaved in an uncivilized and rude manner such as stomping on pictures of leaders, using offensive language as well as erecting mock shrines. These above actions has hurt the feelings of the ethnic Malay majority of this country. As what Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker had said previously:

"Mungkin adab orang Melayu yang menuntut untuk tidak kurang ajar dan bersabar menyebabkan pemimpin DAP berulang kali memperkecilkan pemimpin Melayu yang lama - kelamaan boleh memercikkan api persengketaan antara kaum"

Its very clear. The Malays do not want any confrontation with Malaysian Chinese. This has been from the early days of the formation of Malaysia. However, the action by the DAP Chinese supporters has now made the Malays angry and want to go down to the streets. In the end, nobody "wins" and the country gets destroyed. Is it worth it?  We do not know the answer.  

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