KL CHRONICLE: Part 1: Reasons why UMNO & Barisan Nasional Social Media is in a mess @mpkotabelud @sallehsaid #KekalNajib

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Part 1: Reasons why UMNO & Barisan Nasional Social Media is in a mess @mpkotabelud @sallehsaid #KekalNajib

I have been reading through a lot of statements and articles lately related to the problems in social media that UMNO and Barisan Nasional is facing in the build up to the next General Election which can be held anytime between now and a couple of years time.

Now, before i start recommending solutions to the problem that UMNO and Barisan Nasional is facing, i think it is important that we know actually why are we in this mess in the first place. I think that's imporant and it is sort of like a post mortem for the party.

Now, i remembered that Pre-2008 there was this team called Unit Media Baru (UMB) under Tun Faisal Bin Ismail who that time was an UMNO Youth EXCO member. Practically he was the person who helped developed the social media blueprint for UMNO and Barisan Nasional. This was also the guy who you would see in television talking about social media in politics and stuffs.

Not only at that time there was UMB,  there were also other influential teams led by MyKMU, Nadi Rakyat, Papagomo, independent bloggers, facebookers, twitters and others who did a fantastic job in disseminating information to the public for them to make an informed decision on political issues. We (UMNO & BN) were on par with the opposition. Well that is all water under the bridge now.

Back to Tun Faisal, his team (UMB) was also responsible for the various by elections, state elections (Sarawak) and of course was the main player for the "Mother of All" elections i.e. GE-13. To be honest, this UMB team did well. Barisan Nasional was democratically elected as a government and UMNO itself won 88 seats, which was an increase of what they had won previously.

Now, as per tradition, after the General Election (GE) there would be the UMNO party polls where aspiring leaders will via for positions from Branch all the way to the National level leadership. Tun Faisal, as a senior leader had to relinquish his seat as an UMNO Youth EXCO as he has passed the age limit to be in the Youth Wing. Came in Ibdillah Ishak, a novice in Social Media.

I will talk about him in Part - 2 of this article.

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