KL CHRONICLE: PM @NajibRazak answers allegation that BR1M is a bribe #KekalNajib

Sunday, May 17, 2015

PM @NajibRazak answers allegation that BR1M is a bribe #KekalNajib

BR1M is a social safety net recommended by the National Fiscal Committee, which comprises of officials from the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Bank Negara and the Ministry of Finance. They are mostly economics experts, not politicians. Such a social security net is being implemented in many other countries. Some call it “unemployment benefit”, which targets the unemployed. However, BR1M targets the low income. Both, in essence, are a form of social security allowance as they target vulnerable groups.

We aim to rationalise our current blanket subsidy to one that targets the needy. Everyone (including the rich and foreigners) benefit from blanket subsidies. By abolishing blanket subsidies, we generate savings that will then be channelled to those in the low-income group. And we will be able to give these deserving groups more than what they would have received as a result of the blanket subsidy scheme. Hence, BR1M must be seen in the context of a targeted subsidy, and it is the belief of the Fiscal committee that it will reduce leakages and increase the efficiency of our subsidy mechanism.

BR1M also compensates the needy for the any additional expenditure that they might incur as a result of GST. Some quarters claim that the GST is a regressive tax as everyone including the poor are subjected to it. However, with BR1M, GST is not regressive as the low-income groups are being compensated. In addition, a large portion of GST revenue will be spent on this vulnerable community.

Some politicians say that in spite of BR1M, the people are “not grateful.” This is exactly why they believe it is bribery and are not on the same page as the fiscal committee. We see it as an economic measure, but these politicians see it purely in the context of politics. Mind you, BR1M is given to everyone regardless of his or her political inclination. BR1M is given regardless of when elections are held. My conscience is clear. BR1M is an economic measure, not bribery and I have stated the reasons why.

People always say, “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach him how to fish, he lives for a life time”. But in the real world, we have to do both. Provide assistance to the needy and at the same time invest in education/skills upgrading/improving productivity. The Education Ministry receives the biggest amount allocation from our budget. On top of that, we have also created entities like TERAJU, Tekun, Genovasi, Superb, MAGiC and many other government training programmes under various ministries.


Fikir said...

wahh such an elegant response

now you answer these questions:

was the I love PM banners not a waste of funds

was the chinese tsunami a declaration that the chinese support you

was rompin and permatang pauh results a validation of your "great" performance

was the chinese new year ad a clever move with the endearment ahjibgor

you were so keen to beat the chinese drum and obediently wore the red samfu

were you also PROUD of that zebra and hippo madagascar outfits

were you really concerned about the rakyat's flood disaster when you instruct the photographer to just take 'paras ni'

were you considerate when you instruct the guests not to take photos of the century's wedding as it was a 'private' function

or were you afraid the rakyat gets to witness the wasteful lavish trappings

even the Indonesian Tempo wrote about hippo's hidup mewah

were you included in your brothers' press statement that protected your father's legacy

so now we say to you "enough is enough" quick step down and grab that hippo too

PASDAPX said...

Wahhh FIKIR... panasss nampak.

So So many question more n more were shouting out... hahaha...
I love Banner tu tak semahal bail out Konsortium Perkapalan Mirzan Mahathir atau pembaziran PR Selangor menyeleweng wang Yayasan Selangor tu macam mana?

Banner I lOve PM.. sou vernier kpd yang hadir.. bg kepada orang ramai.. bukan bg pada anak beranak Najib... bodoh..


saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih kepada MBAH WITJAKSONO yang telah menolong saya dalam kesulitan,ini tidak pernah terfikirkan dari benak saya kalau nomor yang saya pasang bisa tembus dan ALHAMDULILLAH kini saya sekeluarga sudah bisa melunasi semua hutang2 kami,sebenarnya saya bukan penggemar togel tapi apa boleh buat kondisi yang tidak memunkinkan dan akhirnya saya minta tolong sama MBAH WITJAKSONO dengan senang hati MBAH WITJAKSONO mau membantu saya..,ALHAMDULILLAH nomor yang dikasih semuanya bener2 terbukti tembus dan baru kali ini saya menemukan dukun yang jujur,jangan anda takut untuk menhubungi jika anda ingin mendapatkan nomor yang betul2 tembus seperti saya,silahkan hubungi MBAH WITJAKSONO DI-> 0852_2223_1459. ingat kesempat tidak akan datang untuk yang kedua kalinga
klik-> BOCORAN TOGEL 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D

Fikir said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fikir said...


I love PM banner tu bukti najib syiok sendiri

lepas tu dihadiahkan dgn tsunami cina

hah sekarang rompin dan permatang pauh membayangkan tsunami Melayu pulak

tsunami India akan datang

ahjib masih SYIOK sendiri disokong oleh penjilat yg masih blur like sotong

heh heh ... jangan marah ye!

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