KL CHRONICLE: My Reply To Sarawak PKR, Kalau Bodoh Jangan Buat Kenyataan Media

Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Reply To Sarawak PKR, Kalau Bodoh Jangan Buat Kenyataan Media

With reference to the statement made by Sarawak PKR that it will will challenge the Election Commission (EC) in court over the EC proposed boundary re delineation of state seats, we at the #KLChronicle took a collective decision to reply to Sarawak PKR as the reasoning for them (PKR) in challenging the proposed boundary re delineation is not in line with the stipulated law of the country. It is rather more of emotions rather than fact. 

First of all, the Election Commission (EC) has taken various steps as per the LAW of the country in informing the Sarawak Public on this proposed re-delineation of state seats. In fact, the EC has taken the liberty by displaying the proposed recommendations from 5th January 2015 to 4th February 2015 at all venues stated in the re delineation notice. In addition, all the proposed re delineation information and notice was also published  in local newspapers for review and objection purposes.

The EC is providing an opportunity for people to object the proposed re delineation. The EC is not hiding anything. However, some idiots in PKR Sarawak is now trying to make an issue of this. The opposition party in this country is a bunch of rubbish idiots trying to create issues when there is actually none. For example, there is this scumbag in Sarawak PKR who together with a local scum want the court to declare that the proposed redelineation by the EC is unconstitutional as it was so called "not done in accordance with provisions in the Federal Constitution."

These two (2) idiots it seems, is unhappy that EC had only published the notice in the sister papers of the New Sarawak Tribune and the Utusan Sarawak which has limited circulation in Sarawak. Since the re-delination is in Sarawak, of course the EC will published all information in the local Sarawak newspapers. Does these two (2) idiots want the EC to publish this information in peninsular based The Star, New Strait Times etc? 

Another complain is on the electoral roll. These two scumbags is complaining like a bitch that people are unable to check their constituency and whether they will be impacted by the proposed re-delineation. These two PKR fellow is trying to say that people in Sarawak a stupid, but to be honest the people of Sarawak are not. In order for you to check whether you are affected or not, you can go to the SPR website and check where are you voting for. Example is as below:

See, even we at #KLChronicle also can check where Anwar Ibrahim is voting and these idiots in PKR is saying that the people of Sarawak can't? What rubbish. We hope the people of Sarawak will give the EC a chance. The EC has taken a lot of proactive steps in engaging the people, being transparent and also always very open with the media. I think we as a responsible citizen shall give the EC the benefit of the doubt. 

These PKR scumbags has still not provided any proof of the 40,000 bangla's and now they are saying the people of Sarawak cannot check whether they are affected by the re delineation or not. What the Fish !!

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