KL CHRONICLE: Now @Tianchua Is Losing Support In P.115 Batu #GE13 #PRU13 #TolakPR

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Now @Tianchua Is Losing Support In P.115 Batu #GE13 #PRU13 #TolakPR

Reading through all the pro - opposition news portal such as The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini i was surprised that there were no news of Tian Chua lost of support from the people of P.155 Batu. It has to be remembered that in 2008, riding on the popular waves of Anwar Ibrahim, Tian Chua contested in the Batu parliamentary constituency in Kuala Lumpur and won, defeating Barisan Nasional's Lim Si Pin (son of former national president of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia Lim Keng Yaik) with a 9,455 majority.

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However, currently Tian Chua looks to be losing support from the people of Batu. This is evident from his various ceramah that is held in Batu which could only attract not more than 50 people, a far cry from the thousands who had showed up for his ceramah in 2008. The question is why is this happening to the vice - president of PKR? 

The reason is simple, he is just useless. Why do i say this? 

You do not need a rocket scientist to tell you that Tian Chua has failed. Look at the issues facing Batu folks and what have Tian Chua done for them? Opposition supporters can help me on this. 

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In addition, do you still remember the accident that Tian Chua had on March 13, 2010 that killed  private Mohd Salleh Hamdan, 23, who is a soldier from the Mersing Army Camp, and who died at the Kota Tinggi Hospital some two hours after the incident. The Malay's has still not forgiven him for that. 

Now, after all the issues he had with the military, he again ruffled feathers by saying that the issues in Lahad Datu is all "sandiwara UMNO". Again, the Malays's has not forgotten. 

And to demonstrate the anger of the Malay's towards Tian Chua, he will not win the support of the Malay's in Batu. I am not sure about the Chinese but for all the Peti Daerah Mengundi (PDM) with majority Malay's, he will lose tremendously. 

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CalebRaj said...

Looks like in the result for the election, your words are just bullshit doesn't it?

He is a leader who boldly speaks, even when he knows his security is at risk. Compare to some UMNO/BN leader who hide behind their's wife's skirts. And get away with their racist statement.

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