KL CHRONICLE: Dr. Mahathir punca ADUN DAP Tanjung Bungah keluar parti #Negaraku #Malaysia

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Dr. Mahathir punca ADUN DAP Tanjung Bungah keluar parti #Negaraku #Malaysia

DAP ADUN Teh Yee Cheu said that the inclusion of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Bersatu into the opposition Pakatan Harapan pact convinced him that the vision of the opposition coalition was no longer the same as his.

"It isn't about Bersatu as a party. It was just a matter of principle. 

"I felt DAP, together with PKR and Amanah, were already on the right track. (Then) Bersatu came in, wanting to get to Putrajaya,” he said.

“What is Bersatu's ideology? It is just about removing someone from office. What comes next? It doesn't have a clear ideology, a clear direction for the nation," he said.

Teh said Dr Mahathir, whom he blames for “many of the problems we face today” is merely using the opposition to advance his cause.

“He comes in, without making apologies, and now he leads the opposition. In the past, he didn't care about the opposition, but now he is making use of the opposition.”

Teh said he will officially quit the party he has supported for 18 years after the current Parliament is dissolved.


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