KL CHRONICLE: By attacking @WeeKaSiongmp , @TonyPua exposes weakness in opposition #Negaraku #Malaysia

Sunday, July 30, 2017

By attacking @WeeKaSiongmp , @TonyPua exposes weakness in opposition #Negaraku #Malaysia

Today we at #KLChronicle took some time off to browse the official facebook page of opposition leaders and stumbled upon a posting done by Tony Pua. Tony Pua had attacked MCA's Deputy President for questioning who is the leader in Pakatan Harapan (PH). 

First of all, why is Tony Pua so sensitive when any of the Barisan Nasional leaders questioned who is the de facto leader in PH. Rather than answering this one very important question, peope like Tony Pua starts to attack the BN leaders.

In BN, it is very clear. The de-facto leader is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Haji Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak by virtue of being the President of BN. All BN parties are 100% behind the PM and is so for good reasons. Just look at the success of this county under PM Najib Razak.

Back to Tony Pua, by avoiding this question by Datuk Seri Dr. Wee Ka Siong, Tony Pua have confirmed that PH have no clear cut leader. They are all trying to cheat the rakyat by showing that the opposition are united which actually they are not!

Dr. Mahathir says he is the Top Dog in PH. But his party is just a mosquito party with one parliament seat. The main kingmaker in PH is DAP which have the most seats in Parliament. Since this is very clear why cant Tony Pua just admit that DAP is the de - facto leader in PH?

Why is he so afraid of telling the truth?

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