KL CHRONICLE: 2 Kenyataan Penting Department of Civil Aviation & Tentera Malaysia #PrayForMH370 #MH370

Sunday, March 9, 2014

2 Kenyataan Penting Department of Civil Aviation & Tentera Malaysia #PrayForMH370 #MH370

Department of Civil Aviation:

This is to report our effort to find the aircraft today. As you know that as reprinted yesterday the aircraft was lost from our radar. We have intensified our search in or area. 20 nautical miles increased to 50 nautical miles. Vietnam China Singapore Indonesia Thailand USA Australia Philippines helping. 34 aircrafts and 40 ships now helping. Air search started 7 am this morning to 7 PM this evening. Ships continue to search even at night. Outcome so far - no sign of aircraft. Although confirmed reports of oil spills. Not verified yet by authorities. The possibility of aircraft turn back has also included the straits of malacca - no aircraft. Not ruling our possibility of hijack. Main concern in finding the aircraft - once found easier to establish what exactly has happened. Authorities are concerned and investigating the 2 passports.

Investigating false passports at all angle. Investigating team will give us the report of the two names of false passports. To give them full authority before releasing information. ETL - emergency transmission locator no signal. Last communication was from when plane shifted from local airspace to Vietnamese airspace. Videos of 2 passengers being looked at by investigators. Yes Vietnam has found debris near taochu island but not from Mh370. Let authorities investigate claims on video of 2 passengers. All facts will be revealed by relevant authorities.

Main focus is missing aircraft. Please bear in mind that it is of utmost importance. Lead agency is the Department of Civil Aviation for the SAR and investigation. Possibility of air turnback looked at that's why straits of malacca being investigated. There is an oil spill found but we haven't verified what it is.

Chief of Armed Forces

There is no submarine coming into Malaysia from foreign countries. Submarine escape rescue vessels. Some are sending rescue ships. TLDM deploying submarine rescue vessels. An increase in assets - Australia 2 aircrafts tonight one tomorrow morning another. Thailand sending a offshore patrol vessel with 2 aircrafts. Indonesia has already deployed maritime patrol aircraft and 5 vessels. Americans have 1 aircraft in operation in the straits of malacca.

MAS-Crisis management is done by MAS and not by a consultant.

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