KL CHRONICLE: @TonyPua Must Immediately Resign from PAC

Friday, July 17, 2015

@TonyPua Must Immediately Resign from PAC

The recent confession by a Sarawak Editor, Lester Melanyi that DAP Member of Parliament Tony Pua was one of the main conspirators to bring down Prime Minister Najib Razak via Sarawak Report must be looked into seriously by the authorities via a proper investigation.

In fact, the allegation by Lester Melanyi has now clearly tarnished the image of Malaysia's Public Account Committee (PAC) led by Datuk Nur Jazlan. As we all know, PAC is currently investigating 1MDB and Tony Pua is one of its committee members.

By being part of PAC and one of the conspirators to bring down PM Najib Razak (as alleged by Lester) and done by buying stolen documents from Xavier Andre Justo, it clearly shows that Tony Pua has ulterior motives and is not fit to be part of the honorable and profesional PAC body.

Therefore, if Tony Pua has any honour and integrity left in him, Tony Pua must immediately resign from PAC to ensure that the investigations in 1MDB can be done profesionally without anyone "influencing" the findings and results.

As of now, any findings from PAC cannot be accepted as one of its members has been alleged of obtaining information illegally and possibly "forged and tampered" with. PAC's findings will only be admissible once Tony Pua has quit. Period!

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