KL CHRONICLE: Latheefa Koya exposes @RafiziRamli as a habitual liar , confirms #KajangMove was never about the rakyat #Negaraku #Malaysia

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Latheefa Koya exposes @RafiziRamli as a habitual liar , confirms #KajangMove was never about the rakyat #Negaraku #Malaysia

I restrained myself from speaking so as not to have public spats. But this boy, sticking to the true Ponorogo strategy continues to issue press statements in total breach of party discipline & damaging the party everywhere- he's been getting prime time news in TV3 for the whole of last week. No political party can tolerate this kind of destructive element within the party.

I have now decided to reveal the truth about this fellow. Here's some truths Malaysians didnt know.

Episode 1:


This budak geng ponorogo is a deceiver.

Yes- the architect of the fatal kajang move is now trying push the blame on people like Ambiga who had opposed it then.

He can't fool me- I was there throughout the whole sorry episode.

Why did Kajang Move happen? - because he wanted to make sure Azmin Ali who was then already an Adun would not be MB. We could have avoided the terrible mess that happened bcoz of it, and Anwar would have been still with us now, if not for his Kajang move.

Instead he and his sidekick secretly planned it all, none of this was ever brought for approval to party meeting. Even the political bureau knew nothing of it! They convinced Anwar that both parties ie DAP and PAS have agreed. When in fact PAS had never agreed! His sidekick went to Kelantan and claimed to have gotten the blessings from Nik Aziz. In fact, Nik Aziz had asked for a dossier with all the details as to why TSKI must be removed be given to him. Instead, this joker and his sidekick decided to go on a roadshow with the dossier. For this his sidekick was sued and had to pathetically apologise in court!

But one thing for sure- PAS's President Hadi never agreed. What did this budak do then? He immediately revealed that prior to GE-13, Hadi never wanted Anwar Ibrahim as PM and that in fact Hadi wanted KuLi.

This so-called revelation was unnecessary, infuriated Hadi. This was the beginning of bad blood between Pas and Rafizi.

A small public forum was held - at UBU. Pro Kajang Move people and anti Kajang Move, like PSM fellas were there. Although we didnt agree, in true spirit of comradeship, we went there in solidairty for him. He cldnt convince the critical crowd and shed tears. After that, we went to bangsar for tea at Devi's corner. There I asked him- hey what if DSAI is convicted (because during that time, anwar's was still being fixed for case management). You know what his answer was? "OOPS I DIDNT THINK OF THAT!" Will he now deny saying that to me??!

At that time, Ambiga had openly criticised the Kajang Move and strongly advised against it. Rafizi then pretended to apologise publicly and claimed he will explain to the public. Now, the tune is all changed. He claims now like a really sly cunning fellow that Ambiga also gave him some documents, to insinuate that Ambiga partook in the removal of Khalid Ibrahim - when in fact he knows very well she was never involved in that or any other party plans or agenda.

~ Latheefa Koya

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