KL CHRONICLE: Another corruption scandal in Penang, where is @cmlimguaneng? #DAP #Penang #Negaraku #Malaysia

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Another corruption scandal in Penang, where is @cmlimguaneng? #DAP #Penang #Negaraku #Malaysia

I refer to a recent article published by The Star where it was confirmed that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) team raided the office of a state executive councillor in Komtar, Penang this morning. Based on media reports, MACC officers stormed the 53rd floor of the state administration office at about 11.30am and were seen entering the office of state Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee chairman Phee Boon Poh.

As a Penangite i am sad and embarrassed that our current state government led by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is embroiled in various corruption and abuse of power scandals. What is more shocking is that the Chief Minister has kept his silence on the raid by MACC. Is he trying to protect Phee Boon Poh?

It has to be noted that previously Lim Guan Eng was charged under Section 23 of the MACC Act 2009 and Section 165 of the Penal Code for corruption. Now another state Exco member office was raided by the MACC. This gives an impression that Penang has now become a corrupted state with its leaders embroiled in corruption scandals. 

I hope that the this latest scandal involving Penang DAP leaders will be investigated transparently. What Phee Boon Poh needs to do now is resign for his position as a state Exco member and let the investigation by MACC completed without any interference from the state government. The question is, will Lim Guan Eng as Phee Boon Poh to resign?

Dr. K
Bukit Tunku
Kuala Lumpur

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