KL CHRONICLE: Padan muka orang Cina Selangor "kena cekik" dengan kerajaan negeri

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Padan muka orang Cina Selangor "kena cekik" dengan kerajaan negeri

*Chinese media are now featuring this story of a massive 35,361% increase in rates imposed by the Pakatan Selangor State Govt.*

The state govt used to charge RM282 a year for fish farms but this has now suddenly jumped as high as RM100,000 per year.

So if the fish price in Selangor increases, please do blame Pakatan Harapan for the Price Hike.


Fishery operators at Pulau Ketam, who objected to the revised temporary occupation licence (TOL) rate imposed on their farms want the state government to lower it.

They said the exorbitant new rate implemented last year could wipe out their livelihoods.

Ong Ah Soi, 54, said that with the revised rate of RM2 per sq ft, fish farmers have to pay at least RM60,000 for the smallest farm and more than RM100,000 for the big ones.

“We used to pay only RM282 a year for our farms, regardless of size. It’s too high a jump.

“Coupled with rising prices in material costs, how are we supposed to continue running the business?” he said on Wednesday.

Should the new rate remain, Ong said the loss of profit among the operators could soar to 50%, due to the chain effect in higher business costs.

“Should the industry outlook and its regulations remain inconducive for operators to do their business, the fishing industry at the island will likely be over in the next few years,” he said.

Ong, who has been a fisherman since he was 11, said he was not against efforts to streamline the fishing industry but a hasty policy change could hurt fish supply and market prices, as well as the livelihoods of the 6,000-strong fishing community on the island.

“We have tried to discuss lowering the rate with the state government but have not been successful.


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