KL CHRONICLE: The Chinese DAP must read this article #Negaraku #Malaysia

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Chinese DAP must read this article #Negaraku #Malaysia

#KLChronicle : Your Penang Chief Minister betul - betul useless lah. All his supporters also so stupid to continue supporting him.

Construction of the Batang Sadong bridge project in Sarawak started in the year 2012 and was fully completed in 2016.

It is in used now and cost a total of RM231 million.

Meanwhile a project in Penang to build 3 roads of a total of just 20km in length was awarded to a private company in 2013.

As of May 2017, construction has yet to start but the DAP Penang Govt has already paid RM220 million just to do reports - or about RM10 million per km of report costs.

RM220 million is also more than double of the RM100 million that the Penang Govt has paid for all flood mitigation projects since 2008.


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