KL CHRONICLE: Penyokong Mahathir ialah Musuh Mahathir

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Penyokong Mahathir ialah Musuh Mahathir

That is the conclusion from Chedet Blog titled "Penyokong saya" today.

Image posted by PPBM
(yellow words added by me)

I believe this is a reaction to the move by certain members of PPBM Perak who demanded Muhyiddin to resign.

The move was led by  Azrul Suhadi Ahmad Mokhtar Azrul, a brother-in-law of Bersatu vice-president Hamidah Osman and husband of Hamizura Osman.

Hamidah was previously known to be PPBM Wanita head but was suddenly announced that she was not PPBM Wanita head and that no one was.

This was later followed by the resignation of one of the 7 founding members, Kamarul Azman who said the party was full of lies and cronyism, and a party that is out to sabotage our economy.

Such a ridiculous party that keeps on breaking apart that their chairman has to issue a decree where you are now not even allowed to admit that you are a supporter of the Chairman as this would mean you are an enemy of the Chairman.


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