KL CHRONICLE: Lim Guan Eng's "achievements" in 8 years becoming Chief Minister

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lim Guan Eng's "achievements" in 8 years becoming Chief Minister

(1) Almost done selling all of Penang's state lands

(2) Almost done flattening all of Penang's hills

(3) Paid out more than RM4 billion worth of state lands and RM220 million cash for the feasibility study and construction of Penang Underwater tunnel but as of date, not even a single A$ size paper of report has been produced

Now the project is on the verge of being abandoned in favor of a 3rd bridge. More abandoned projects means more $$$ in the pockets?

(4) Paid RM30 million for 11 km of crooked bicycle lanes running thru bus stops

(5) Paid RM 77,000 each to purchase 380 CCTV cameras

(6) Sell sate lands and assets without any open tender

(7) Approved opening of TOP@Komtar without proper fire safety inspections.

(8) Wife set up companies to tender for government contracts where the only sole approving authority is the husband.

(9) Made a great scientific breakthrough in the field of geological studies by discovering that rain is the cause of floods.

(10) Prove to the world that Malaysia is indeed a multi-racial society by showing that corruption is color blind

(11) Charged in court for corruption and abuse of power for the purpose of personal pecuniary gains.

I am sure even Mahathir did not achieve that much during the first 8 years of his rule as PM.Now you know why Lim Guan Eng claimed that Mahathir is clean.

Next to this useless, corrupt, greedy congenital liar & thief, even Mahathir looks like an angel.

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