KL CHRONICLE: In Penang, you too can own an affordable home - courtesy of the DAP State Govt

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

In Penang, you too can own an affordable home - courtesy of the DAP State Govt

The DAP Penang Govt believes in justice and fairness.

DAP holds true to the principles of Competency, Accountability and Transparency in the way they manage the state.

For example, through hard work, dedication and numerous repeated press statements since the year 2010 saying that we are building lots of affordable homes for the Rakyat, just two days ago, the State EXCO for housing Jagdeep Singh Deo has announced that the first two affordable housing projects by the state govt may be completed by next year 2018.

Penang’s first affordable homes project ready next year

This is proof of the competency of the DAP Govt that we have managed to complete the first two affordable housing in just a short 10 years time - or just two election terms ago.

In the interest of fairness and equality to everyone, Penang people will soon be able to enjoy affordable homes just like our Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Guan Eng's bungalow at 25, Jalan Pinhorn sits on  10,161.13sq-ft of prime land in the Island and cost RM2.8 million or RM275.56 per square feet.

According to Jagdeep, the Suria 1 Bandar Cassia Affordable Housing Scheme cost just RM220,000 for a spacious apartment of 1,000 sq ft.

At a bargain RM220 psf, this apartment is a staggering 20% cheaper than Guan Eng's RM275psf even though it is actually strata-title apartment far away on the mainland and not actual land in the Island like his..

Having no actual land is proof that great care was made by the DAP Govt to ensure that Rakyat is not burdened by the gardening and grass-cutting hassle that our Chief Minister suffers from.

However, if you must live in the Island then the second affordable housing project by the DAP Govt may be completed soon too - just slightly more than the short 10 years since DAP took power..

The Rise (formerly known as Chelliah Park City) affordable housing scheme offers equally spacious units of 1,000 sf apartments at just RM400,000.

This is a bargain RM400psf and only a negligible 45% higher price than saudara Guan Eng's bungalow.

But remember that you are paying slightly extra for the convenience of not having to cut grass.

And there is nothing wrong with owning strata-title apartments compared to free-hold bungalows.

Actions talk louder than words.

We hope the above will serve as proof:

- of our Competency in delivering affordable housing in such a short time;
- of our Accountability that we eventually have to deliver to you even though it is not really affordable; and
- of our Transparency in telling you straight-up that you are paying more for your *cough* affordable house compared to our dear Chief Minister.

Hail Hydra!

A DAP Penang supporter.

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