KL CHRONICLE: DAP and its Christian Agenda #TN50 #NEGARAKU #MALAYSIA

Sunday, May 21, 2017

DAP and its Christian Agenda #TN50 #NEGARAKU #MALAYSIA

*Reclaim what?*

Merata-rata, the Pakatan people including those from PAN and PKR are trying to defend Hannah Yeoh against the pro-PAS lecturer Kamarul.

Their attack against Kamarul is basically these two points:
1. Hannah Yeoh has the right to talk about her religion.
2. Muslims faith in their religion is not weak and easily converted by Hannah Yeoh's preaching and writings.

Pakatan's two points defence are merely white-wash and diversion from Kamarul's core questions, which are:

1. Why is Hannah Yeoh admitting that she is using politics to preach her religion?
2. Hannah Yeoh asked for all overseas Christians to come back and reclaim back the govt and Malaysia for their God and religion.

What exactly is she reclaiming? And what right for you to reclaim or did you own it before and lost it hence you have to reclaim? Reclaim what?

It seems that DAP and Pakatan do not realize the seriousness of their mistakes or is trying to hide it.

The pro-Pakatan writer S Thayaparan wrote about this today on Mkini and also pointed out the mistakes that Pakatan made over this issue.
Politicians should not play the rigged religious game

He also highlighted what Lim Kit Siang said last year:

"There are allegations that a meeting was held in Penang to formulate the objective of a Christian Malaysia, there are people who put up a picture of the DAP as an evangelical party, there is a new book entitled ‘Sang Nila Utama and the Lion of Judah: : Dominionism and Christian Zionism in Malaysia’.’ which is very serious and wicked attack that there is a conspiracy in the country to evangelise Malaysia, and the DAP is somehow part of it."

"Very serious and very wicked" says Kit Siang.

Kit Siang understands the seriousness but other than saying that these are all lies, DAP is still not able to give an answer to address this book written by Ian Buchanan and published in New Zealand based on his research, which if true, is incredibly incendiary - so much so that I dare not post the excerpts from the book here.

Remember that this book was researched and published overseas independently and not by PAS or UMNO or Perkasa or anyone in Malaysia.

When will Pakatan and DAP admit and realize their mistakes on what they write, what they use and which NGO or person they use to play their seriously damaging politics?

Instead of admitting and stopping or sue Ian Buchanan, Pakatan continues to white-wash, divert and attack Kamarul - prolonging the conflict and making it worse for everyone.

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