KL CHRONICLE: Another attempt by DAP to sabotage Malaysia's economy #ECRL

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another attempt by DAP to sabotage Malaysia's economy #ECRL

Malaysians should be made aware that DAP is willing to sabotage Malaysia's economy by not cooperating in development projects proposed by the federal government.

DAP knows if federal government keeps developing the country, they won't stand a chance to takeover the country. DAP wants our economy hits a snag, slows down and plunges into recession/crisis so that their notion that "Malaysia is a bankrupt nation" will be fulfilled. 

EPU minister Dato' Abdul Rahman Dahlan has been saying this all along. Yeo Bee Yin(杨美盈)'s call for Selangor state government to not cooperate with the federal government on land matter regarding ECRL project is the perfect example of economic sabotage.

It's more perplexing that Yeo Bee Yin didn't even mention the exorbitant costs of Penang tunnel proposed by DAP government in Penang which will cost the taxpayers RM395 million per KM.

Why would anyone support a party that's willing to politicise everything at the expense of nation's and people's economy?

source : Syahir/Facebook

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