KL CHRONICLE: MIC : Lim shall focus on land for primary school

Sunday, March 5, 2017

MIC : Lim shall focus on land for primary school

An MIC leader has urged Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to solve SJK (T) Rajaji’s land problem in Air Itam before supporting a proposal to build the first Tamil secondary school in the country.

The party’s central working committee member J. Dhinagaran said the Tamil primary school, which is in the Chief Minister’s Air Putih constituency, still does not have land for a new building.

“Lim should concentrate on this issue which has been pending over the last few years rather than playing to the gallery by saying he supported the suggestion of a Tamil secondary school,” Dhina-garan said in a statement.

He was commenting on Lim’s speech during the disbursement of funds to Tamil schools on Thursday.

In October 2013, Lim had said the state was willing to provide land either in Bagan Dalam or Prai for the building of a Tamil secondary school which would be the first in the country if it were to become a reality.

“Why support such a plan when you can’t even get a plot for a Tamil school in your own constituency?” asked Dhinagaran.

He said the state should expedite the allocation of land for SJK (T) Rajaji so work on a new building could start immediately as land matters were under the direct purview of the Chief Minister.

The 70-year-old school, which is on a small plot belonging to an adjacent Hindu temple, does not have amenities like a laboratory, field, assembly hall or canteen.

Deputy Chief Minister ll Dr P. Ramasamy said the state government had given land to many Tamil schools over the years.

“Air Itam is a prime area where vacant land is a scarcity.

“However, the land for the Rajaji Tamil school is a top priority,” he said when asked to comment on Dhinagaran’s statement.

He said Dhinagaran should be the last person to talk about this issue, claiming that MIC had not fought for land to build Tamil schools in Penang when Barisan Nasional ruled the state.

Dr Ramasamy said SJK (T) Rajaji’s land issue would be solved soon as the Chief Minister understood the urgency of the matter.

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