KL CHRONICLE: @weekasiongmp slams @DAPMalaysia for "mother of all U - Turns"

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

@weekasiongmp slams @DAPMalaysia for "mother of all U - Turns"

Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) Deputy President, Datuk Seri Dr. Ir. Wee Ka Siong has today slammed the Democratic Action Party (DAP) for being a bunch of low class hypocrites. This is based on DAP’s “mother of all U-turns” with respect to the Belt and Road initiatives led by MCA with the support of the government of China.

To those who are unaware, MCA has been at the forefront in supporting China’s Belt and Road initiative to expand land based and maritime economic routes along South East Asia, and in particular Malaysia. However, this Belt and Road initiative by China and supported by MCA was attacked mercilessly by DAP leaders, especially DAP’s political education bureau head Liew Chin Tong who had labelled MCA as China’s agent in Malaysia.

However, on 22nd February 2017, DAP and it’s corrupted Secretary General Lim Guan Eng made a courtesy call on China’s ambassador to Malaysia Dr. Huang Huikang. After the courtesy call, DAP made a major U-turn with respect to the Belt and Road initiative. Previously they were vehemently against this initiative but now, after meeting the ambassador DAP has agreed with the Bell and Road initiative and recognizes MCA’s effort in promoting it.

Quoting MCA’s Datuk Seri Dr.  Ir. Wee Ka Siong:

“Does DAP in general, and Liew in particular, now agree with MCA’s efforts in promoting Belt and Road, and admit (that) their criticisms on MCA previously were baseless?”

In addition, Datuk Seri Dr.  Ir. Wee Ka Siong also welcomes DAP’s acceptance of China’s Belt and Road initiative as this shows that MCA’s effort in pushing for local entrepreneurs to grasp the business opportunities arising from the initiative, and in enhancing the bilateral ties between China and Malaysia, are correct and far sighted that even DAP cannot deny.

For us at #KLChronicle, the action taken by DAP is nothing more than a political gimmick for the party to curry favor with the China government. They (DAP) know that what MCA is doing bring’s tremendous benefit to the local business community and this will translate into votes for MCA. To sabotage this good effort by MCA, DAP had attacked the Belt and Road initiative but it backfired badly and had angered the China’s ambassador.

Did we not tell you that DAP leaders are a bunch of stupid fools that is only hell bent on destroying the country?

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