KL CHRONICLE: MIC Leader wants Police Chief & OCPD to ensure safety of Indian devotees during chariot procession

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

MIC Leader wants Police Chief & OCPD to ensure safety of Indian devotees during chariot procession

*Press Statement*
*Central Working Committee (CWC) Member*
*Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)*

*Penang Police Chief and Timur Laut OCPD must ensure safety of Indian devotees during Penang Thaipusam celebrations*

As we are aware, tomorrow morning the Thaipusam chariot procession will begin. In Penang, usually every Thaipusam celebration will start with the Silver Chariot procession. However, this year there will be another procession that will be carried by the Penang Hindu Endowment Board using a Golden Chariot. 

Since this is the first time that the state is witnessing two chariot processions with the presense of thousands of Indian devotees, i would like to humbly request the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) to take appropriate action to ensure the safety and well being of the devotees who attend this procession. 

Since the Penang police had approved the two procession, the Penang Police Chief and the District Police Chief (OCPD) must take full responsibility of the safety and wellbeing of all Indian devotees who attend the chariot procession tomorrow morning starting at 5.00 am. 

In addition, the police must not compromise and action must be taken against people who incite hatred against any individual or organisation before, during or after the chariot procession has ended. The police must also ensure that what was agreed by the organisers i.e. the timing and the route of the procession is adhered to accordingly. 

There have not been any untoward incident happened during the Thaipusam celebrations in Penang and lets keep it that way. Lets be civil and enjoy the celebrations with our family and friends. After all thaipusam is a time for celebration and prayers to the almighty. 

*Dhinagaran Jayabalan FB*

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