KL CHRONICLE: *Double Chariot, for the sake of community or Ramasamy ego?*

Monday, January 2, 2017

*Double Chariot, for the sake of community or Ramasamy ego?*

Ramasamy and his RM 3,000,000 chariot to fit his ego
A voice message is being spread widely, where it's belong to _M. Satees (PG DCM II Ramasamy's aide)._

If one hears the voice note _(in Tamil)_, it can be analysed that its  merely to discredit the Chettiar Community. But lets put a side the caste base arguement. 

The voice message clearly shows *_Satees speech is full of egoistic and arrogance._* Its only creating disunity among the Indian Community.

The voice message more to baseless accusation. Is there any proof on the community sending the money back to India. GOD is for everyone, the donation is from our heart to give. If Satees or HEB feels the donation is one of the core reason for the Golden Chariot, than why not request our devotees to donate to the "Mael Kovil" (Hilltop Temple). 

With this, our devotees will be *UNITED AS ONE* and will not be confuse with 2 chariots, while donations can be handed over to Hilltop Temple.

As for the PTPTN Loan which is mentioned by Satees, evan my toes are laughing. Probably he has forgotten PTPTN is one of the implementation of Barisan Nasional Government. Whereby in the voice message, he questions, if the particular cast is applying for the loan.

Let us for once, stay united in the name of GOD. As for the concern of HEB on the donation status to the Silver Chariot, there is a solution as mentioned above.

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