KL CHRONICLE: @cmlimguaneng 's lame attempt to deceive the rakyat #GST #FreeToll

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

@cmlimguaneng 's lame attempt to deceive the rakyat #GST #FreeToll

Lim Guan Eng announced that not only will GST be abolished but highway toll charges as well if DAP were to come into power:

However, Guan Eng did not announce how much this entire exercise is going to cost the government, which in the end is going to cost billions and will be borne by the taxpayers who do not even use the toll highways (as opposed to now: you pay only if you use the highways). In fact, Lim Guan Eng also purposely omitted the fact that PLUS is owned by the government and the Employee Provident Fund (EPF), not by private “cronies” as claimed by DAP.

“PLUS is now 51 per cent owned by the government and 49 per cent owned by the EPF. “EPF's ownership of PLUS Highways allows its members to receive a stable return every year from a mature cash-generating asset,” 

Without PLUS, how will EPF pay the dividend to us? Can Lim Guan Eng answer this question.

Mahathir then announced that since GST is going to be abolished and the government is going to lose RM40 billion a year, the GST will be replaced by a sales tax. So that means the government will still be collecting RM40 billion a year from Malaysians but they will just change the name from ‘GST’ to ‘Sales Tax’. Nevertheless, collecting RM40 billion in Sales Tax every year is better and fairer than collecting RM40 billion GST.

All this opposition leaders only talk cock and think that they can lie to us the rakyat. Fortunately, people are now smarter and can detect this lies by the opposition parties. Bloody liars.

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