KL CHRONICLE: MIC challenges DAP to take action against Batu Kawan MP

Monday, December 19, 2016

MIC challenges DAP to take action against Batu Kawan MP

MIC has questioned if DAP will take any action against Batu Kawan MP Kasturi Patto, for "giving legitimacy" to the Sri Lankan government.

MIC National Youth secretary Arvind Krishnan posed the question after DAP member Satees Muniandy was seen demonstrating against the visit of Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena's to Malaysia.

"The gist of the demonstration from Satees and his gang is that Malaysia must not have any diplomatic ties with Sri Lanka because of their civil war history, where the Sri Lankan government was alleged to have killed thousands of Tamil citizens," said Arvind in a statement.

He then condemned Satees for criticising MIC and added that the latter was just doing so to "gain brownie points" with the Indian community.

Arvind said Satees had kept mum when Kasturi went to Colombo for a seminar and met the Sri Lankan prime minister there.

"I challenge Satees to ensure his party takes action against Kasturi. If he fails, Satees better quit his post in the party," he said, labelling him as a hypocrite.

He then stressed that MIC had always stood its ground against the Sri Lankan government and said no MIC leader was present during the bilateral meeting between Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

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