KL CHRONICLE: 'A leadership psychosis :Ramasamy Chariot'

Saturday, December 24, 2016

'A leadership psychosis :Ramasamy Chariot'

Prof.Ramasamy has engineered a classic class /caste dispute by contesting the role of Natukottai Chettiar's in the 160 year old Silver Chariot procession in the annual Penang Thaipusam. 

The background to the manufactured two chariot controversy is Ramasamy's academic understanding of the deepset class /caste dynamics of hindu ritualistic practices .

Seizing a political potential in isolating a super minority Natukottai Chettiar community and presenting a case for an agitation against the Silver Chariot procession,Ramasamy anticipates the broader Hindu community to rally around him.This is purely a political ploy .

Millions of people from all over the world have seen the Silver Chariot procession in Penang in the past .
To the ordinary devotee it was the norm in the past.Nothing unpleasant was seen or felt by all who have prayed to the Lord Murugan on Silver Chariot in the past. 

Devotees would during the coming Thaipusam would be subjected to a predicament of making the choice of which deity of the two chariots should they give their offerings to .

Do Malaysian Hindu's need this controversy ,just because a political leader felt slighted by a temple management. 

*At least for once let Hindu's speak out !*

Fellow Hindu's let us all tell Ramasamy not to split the Hindu community and make the world look at us as a disunited community even in the conduct of our festivals .


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