KL CHRONICLE: @JDhinaPG : Now Professor P. Ramasamy does not want to debate MIC on issues facing the Indian community in Penang

Monday, November 14, 2016

@JDhinaPG : Now Professor P. Ramasamy does not want to debate MIC on issues facing the Indian community in Penang

Press Statement
J Dhinagaran
Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)
Central Working Committee (CWC) Member

1. Yesterday, I issued a press statement confirming the readiness of MIC Batu Kawan division chairman, Mr. Ramalingham to debate Professor P. Ramasamy, the Deputy Chief Minister – 2 of Penang on issues affecting the Indian community, especially in the Batu Kawan parliament constituency and Perai state seat.  However, it is disappointing to note that Professor P. Ramasamy has rejected this invitation for a debate. 

2. To digress a bit, the challenge for a debate originally came from Professor P. Ramasamy during his Deepavali Open House function. Less than 24 hours of the challenge issued to MIC, we have responded positively to the debate so that we can discuss on the issues affecting the Indians professionally and highlight to the Penang government what can further be done to assist the Indian community in this state. 

3. Unfortunately, our concern on the plight of the Indian community in this state is not shared by the Deputy Chief Minister – 2. Nevertheless, the MIC Batu Kawan division is always open for a debate with Professor P. Ramasamy at any time. For us what matters is the people and not to play politics like what Professor P. Ramasamy and his team is very fond of doing. 

4. A classic example is when Professor P. Ramasamy claim that he has no problem with Batu Kawan Member of Parliament Kasthuri Patto. However, the question is if there is no problem with Kasthturi Patto, why did Professor P. Ramasamy did not attend her Deepavali open house function? For a matter of fact, Mr. Ramalingham and I knew where Professor P. Ramasamy was yesterday and he had no problems attending Kasthturi’s Deepavali open house if he wanted to, but he did not. 

5. Talking about cronyism and nepotism, I would also like to advice Professor P. Ramasamy to look at his own backyard and not just hit out at MIC. The people might not know this, but Professor P. Ramasamy’s daughter is the women wing leader for DAP Batu Kawan and Satees Muniandy, the guy who insulted the Johor Sultan is the DAP Batu Kawan secretary. Why was there no discipline action taken against this person? This shows that DAP does not respect the royal institution and continue to play down this very serious matter. DAP party members can even insult the Sultan and get away with it internally. 

6. Finally, I would like to advice Professor P. Ramasamy to not play hide and seek with the Indian community in Batu Kawan and Perai. Do not be a coward and come debate with the local Penang MIC leaders.  In fact the Penang Indian community want answers to all their question with regards to the DAP led Penang state government and Professor P. Ramasamy is the best person to answer this since he is the Deputy Chief Minister – 2. Why is he so scared to debate us?

7. I am sure after this Professor P. Ramasamy will send his minions to issue a statement attacking me and other MIC leaders in this state. This is what DAP does best. When we question them on issues affecting the Indian community in Penang, they will not answer the questions professionally and directly but deflect attention by attacking MIC and its leaders. Nevertheless, I have received so many complaints from the Indian community in Penang on the incompetency of Professor P. Ramasamy and his people. I would expose this one by one and I hope Professor P. Ramasamy will be man enough to answer it and not use his minions to answer.


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