KL CHRONICLE: Adam Rosly: I purchased house with hard-earned cash #YeahRight

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Adam Rosly: I purchased house with hard-earned cash #YeahRight

Ampang PKR Youth chief Adam Rosly says he was able to afford a castle-like house in Ampang as he is a successful businessman.

"In this day and age, it's not abnormal for the young to be rich. I can assure that I made my money from hard work," said Adam.

He explained that he made his wealth through various businesses that he inherited from his family.

"Not everyone who is rich made their money from political funding. If I had done so, I would not be openly building a such a home in an area like this," he said.

Adam added that the house in question, which Jamal claimed had a value of RM7mil, only cost him RM1mil.

He said he had won the bid for the house, which was an abandoned project, in a bank auction.

Stressing that he did not have any positions in the state government, Adam said PKR Youth did its best to ensure members were not corrupt.

"We are clean and I call for Jamal not turn to gutter politics," he said.

Adam said this on Tuesday after lodging a police report against Jamal for gathering in front of his house in Ampang on Sunday.

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