KL CHRONICLE: @JDhinaPG whacks Penang Deputy CM P. Ramasamy

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

@JDhinaPG whacks Penang Deputy CM P. Ramasamy

*Press Statement*
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*Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)*
*Central Working Committee (CWC) Member*


_Deputy Chief Minister of Penang Professor P. Ramasamy recently issued a statement responding to my earlier statement that he and the Penang state government is sabotaging the Deepavali celebrations in the state. Here is my immediate response to him :_

1. Professor P. Ramasamy seems ignorant to the plight of the traders in Little India. Our concern is not that we want particular areas in Penang is lighted up for Deepavali but we want Little India in Penang is lighted up to mark the festival of lights that we will be celebrating soon, If the federal government can spend for the Indian Community in Brickfields why can’t Professor P.Ramasamy and his government do so in Little India?.

2. It seems that the Penang government is so poor that even the Penang Indian Chambers of Commerce have to contribute our own money, to light up little India for us to celebrate our own celebration. If that is the case, might as well the Penang Indian Chamber of Commerce be the state government of Penang and Professor P, Ramasamy to quit his post. If Penang can pay RM 350 million for some underwater tunnel study, why can’t they spend some money on the Deepavali celebration rather than ask the Indian community to contribute? This does not happen in other states ruled by BN.  Profesor P. Ramasamy also got his statement wrong on the Penang Indian Chamber of Commerce. Can DCM reveal the names of MIC and BN component party members in Chambers committee? I have checked and only one (1) Chamber's committee member is a BN component party member.He is there as a businessman and not as a politician.

3. Professor P. Ramasamy shall better do his homework properly. A quick search on the internet shows that the Penang Run is organized by ActifeLifestyle with the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) as co – sponsor in the banner. Is not the MBPP under the Penang State government? (Reference: http://www.actifestyle.com/view_event.php?event_id=37).

4. Profesor P. Ramasamy wants to score political brownie points by attacking the MIC and me. He conveniently ignores the fact that the current state government in Penang is not MIC but a DAP led state government under his leadership as Deputy CM. What has Professor P. Ramasamy done for the Indian community in the 8 years they have governed Penang. Don’t let me even start on the Kampung Buah Pala issue where the indian community was chased out of their home by the state government.

5. It is normal for Professor P. Ramasamy to blame the others for his weaknesses. This is the trademark of all opposition leaders. Even in Selangor, when the state does not have water, their Menteri Besar also blame BN when in fact they are leading the state and are in power. But when something is good done by the Federal Government, this DAP state leaders will claim that it is because of them and they will claim the mileage. I am sure the people of Penang is also now very familiar with this kind of behavior from Professor P.Ramasamy and his gang.

6. As a conclusion, this statement by him is another political rhetoric by Professor P. Ramasamy by taking cheap pot shots at UMNO – BN to hide his weakness and failures as Deputy CM of Penang.


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