KL CHRONICLE: @JDhinaPG again whacks P. Ramasamy for getting his facts wrong

Thursday, October 27, 2016

@JDhinaPG again whacks P. Ramasamy for getting his facts wrong

The Melaka Century ride was actually cancelled by the organizing company. There is no event on 30th October in Melaka. (Reference http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/10/183392/cyclists-fume-after-organisers-cancel-melaka-intl-century-ride-last-minute?m=1). This news item was before Profesor Ramasamy & his office boy Satees Muniady issued their statement. 

It shows that DAP leaders so called Penang DCM 2 and his office boy Satees Muniandy did not do their homework properly before alleging that the Melaka government was not sensitive to the Indian community there. If a simple statement like this also they can get it wrong, it shows that we have a bunch of incompetent leaders leading this state who only know how to blame others but not themselves when they screw up. Just like the issue of ligthing up Little India Penang. An issue like this also they blame the Penang Indian Chamber of Commerce. 

I am still waiting for Profesor P. Ramasamy to tell me who are the BN & MIC leaders in the Penang Indian Chamber of Commerce besides its secretary. Its been nearly 8 hours and he is still keeping quiet on this. I wonder who is he going to blame next? ☺

Do Penang DCM 2 Prof Ramasamy got guts to cancel The Run on 30/10/16 ???????

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