KL CHRONICLE: @WSJ interference in Malaysia domestic affairs an attack on our sovereignty

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

@WSJ interference in Malaysia domestic affairs an attack on our sovereignty

The recent attacks by The Wall Street journal (WSJ) on Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, the wife of our Prime Minister has proven that this United States based media outlet is bankrupt of ideas and has now resorted to cheap personal attacks to gain popularity and drive its agenda of tarnishing the image of this country.

WSJ attacks on Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, whom they accused of spending USD 6 million on her credit card in a span of 7 - 8 years is nothing short of a lie. I would not be suprised that after this WSJ would then come out with an expose that the USD 600 million from the Saudi Royal government was actually channelled into Datin Seri's credit card account. Because that is what WSJ does best. It writes fiction. 

The question is how much is WSJ being paid to attack this country. In my rough estimates, WSJ is being paid as a minimum of USD 20 - 30 million to attack Malaysia and bring the economy down to the brink of collapse. I wonder who is paying this huge sums to WSJ? 

This must be no other than the crony tycoons of this country who have enjoyed un-rivalled opportunities from the previous Prime Minister and now seems to have lost this special treatment from the current Prime Minister. The PM's leadership is bad business for some tycoons. 

If WSJ thinks that someone in WSJ is not on the take they can sue me as what A. Kadir Jasin always like to demand the Prime Minister to do i.e. to sue WSJ. In my opinion, the attacks from WSJ on this country is a form of a terrorist attack on Malaysia by trying to destroy this country politically and economically.


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Cik Minah said...

FIRST LADY OF GREED itu SOVEREIGNTY negara ke.......?????

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