KL CHRONICLE: 6 Key Question for Mahathir's Macai A Kadir Jasin

Monday, September 12, 2016

6 Key Question for Mahathir's Macai A Kadir Jasin

A Kadir Jasin just commented in one of my FB posts below so I took the chance to ask him several questions. Hope that he can reply:
Salam Eid Mubarak Tuan Kadir,

Since you are here, can I ask you a few questions?

1. How did you get the funds to buy 20% of Realmild, which owns NST, TV3 and MRCB then?

2. What happened to the money when you disposed off the 20% Realmild shares? Did you keep it or gave it to someone else?

3. Is it true that 70% of those shares are held in trust for Dr M via a trust deed held by law firm Amin & Co. as testified in court by your ex-Colleague Ahmad Nazri Abdullah?

4. Are you against the minimum wage policy which you attacked in your article yesterday, the same way as Mahathir is against BR1M?  Is that why Mahathir had failed to address income inequality in Malaysia and prefers to enrich the corporate cronys?

(In 1984 the Gini coefficient was 0.483 and when Mahathir retired, it was still high at 0.461 in 2002 and 0.462 in 2004.

Compare this to the 0.441 to 0.401 drop during Najib's 7 years.

In fact, Mahathir failed the bumiputras even more where the Gini only dropped from 0.464 in 1984 to 0.452 in 2004 whereas it dropped from 0.440 in 2009 to 0.389 in 2014.)

5. Do you think ti is stupid that PRIBUMI  wants to pakat with DAP, the party that wants to eliminate the very definition of pribumi?

6/  If Malasyai did not go bankrupt at 103.4% Debt-to-GDP ratio in 1985, then how are we going to be bankrupt at 55%?



1 comment:

Cik Minah said...

WHY DON'T U put your SIX QUESTIONS in Kadi Jasin's blog....????
He will definately have to answer your questions.
Unless, U made up all the stories in your questions.
No reason not to ask hin direcly in his blog.

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