KL CHRONICLE: @theedgemarkets Reporter a disgrace to all Malaysian #Rio2016 #TeamMalaysia

Saturday, August 20, 2016

@theedgemarkets Reporter a disgrace to all Malaysian #Rio2016 #TeamMalaysia

The journalist says she stands by what she said about not wishing for Malaysia to win Olympic gold saying that the BN Government doesn't deserve it.

But she ask that The Edge not be attacked over her comments as she is speaking on her personal capacity.

I am sure she is quite happy that our Men's and Mixed doubles won silver over the past two days.

I hope DLCW will disappoint her this evening.

BTW, there is no need to ask her to leave the country or revoke citizenship - or worse, make threats of violence on her.

She broke no laws as far as I can see. 

Being unpatriotic, being hateful and not able to separate politics and patriotism is not a crime.

Yes. it is despicable and very sad to hear  - but not a crime.

Just be aware that there are some Malaysians who would think this way and cannot bear to see Malaysia succeed due to politics.

She may claim that she is a "true Malaysian" but she is not - just like how Ronnie Liu claims he is "not a chauvinist but being sarcastic or misquoted".

No "true Malaysian" would wish failure for their own country.

Her post:

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