KL CHRONICLE: [WANTED] Cina Biadap yang langgar kereta orang, lepas tu cabut lari

Friday, July 8, 2016

[WANTED] Cina Biadap yang langgar kereta orang, lepas tu cabut lari

What you see in the photo below is not a screenshot from some local drama. It's the picture of an Ah Beng thug who hit my car from behind today at 5.27 pm in front of Subang Parade. We were just waiting for the car in front of us to make a turning at the traffic light when this WWY3791 Toyota Wish came out of nowhere and hit the back of my car.

We got down from our car and this ah beng starts shouting at me asking why I'm making a u-turn when it's not allowed to. I told him I wasn't making a u -turn. I was going straight and waiting for the car in front of me to pass.

He then proceeds to start asking," DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM HUH? DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" I told him, " I don't know who you are but you'll still have to fix my car."

Then he went on some rant about how it was just some small matter and that he can afford to pay it off while continuously asking if we know who he is when in fact we have no idea who this ah beng is.

When asked if he is going to pay for the damages, he said he was only going to give RM 200 which was ridiculous and definitely not enough so we told him we will proceed with a police report. He decided to drive off and the last we saw of him was when he made a turning to Kesas Highway.

By the way, his mouth stank of alcohol so we assume he was drunk driving. The dent on my car may not be that huge but he had hit my car so hard that my head actually banged the car seat. Meanwhile his girlfriend was pretty much useless and just went on her phone the whole time.

If any of you know this drunkard, please help me share his lovely picture and jot down his details for me? Since I don't know who the hell he is, I would very much like to know now. I cannot claim his insurance if he does not turn himself in to make a police report. The police told me all they can do is send a summon to his house and hope that he shows up.

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