KL CHRONICLE: The United States, Suharto and Mahathir Connection

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The United States, Suharto and Mahathir Connection

Liem Soei Liem’s son Anthony Salim has a number of nominee companies out of Singapore, the BVI and other tax and secrecy havens which hold numerous assets of Suharto and Anthony’s late father in the US.

There are assets belonging to the Mahathir family that are also held by nominees in Europe and the US which have never been the subject of proceedings or investigation publicly at least. How it is the DOJ is unaware of the existence of these investments and illicit assets held by a Chinese nominee of the Mahathir clan and others is quite extraordinary and perplexing.

The question is, why does the US selectively attack the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak?  The answer to this question lies somewhere between Dr. Mahathir Mohammad’s secret deals with the US government under that innocuous Bilateral Training and Consultation Agreement he signed with the Americans in order that they would not topple him earlier than they had attempted to.

If indeed Najib Razak is as guilty as his opponents claim he is, why is there no legal action against Datuk Seri Najib and anyone else the opposition and now the Americans claim are corrupt ? There is after all legislation in Malaysia to deal with such matters on a proper complaint with the admissible evidence in an open court where such complaints rightfully belong.

Loretta Lynch has already been called to resign for her numerous embarrassing and questionable actions and omissions, which recently have surfaced, been the subject of discussion but little attention in the US. This being election year and the end of her tenure anyway it is unlikely she will be a centre of focus for her duplicity and incompetence in high office.

It won’t be long before the Malaysian government takes to task the Mahathirs and Ambigas of this world and put them on trial as it did with Anwar Ibrahim. After all the Malaysian Bar, the opposition’s partner in crime, inspite of claiming the courts and judges are unfair and controlled by government are happy to continue to use these courts ‘for a fee’ of course at the expense of their clients.

If Malaysia’s government is reluctant to take on Dr. Mahathir for his complicity in offences of a more serious nature than that alleged against Najib Razak, the Americans just might do so themselves. And this may just be the smokescreen that have been waiting for all along.


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