KL CHRONICLE: @RazlanRafii & Umno Youth members protest against @dapmalaysia @NgaKorMing

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

@RazlanRafii & Umno Youth members protest against @dapmalaysia @NgaKorMing

Led by influential UMNO leader, i.e. Federal Territories Umno Youth chief Razlan Rafii, the UMNO Youth demanded that the Taiping lawmaker apologise for his remark insulting the Malays and Islam.  

Several Umno Youth members were allowed to meet a representative from DAP after intervention by the Light Strike Force and the police.   

At the demonstration, Razlan accused DAP's Nga of insulting the Malays with a series of "insensitive" Facebook postings.  

This includes a posting purportedly equating the duit raya (traditional cash handouts by Malays during Hari Raya) to dedak (chicken feed). 

Another was Nga's controversial Hari Raya greetings, which Razlan said, implied that Nga wanted to turn Malaysia into a Christian state. 

"We believe that these two statements are irresponsible and against the moral values and culture"

"We demand that he make a public apology to all the Muslims because his provocation has hurt the feelings of the Muslims and the Malays," he said in his speech, while reading out a copy of their memorandum to DAP. *

Earlier, hundreds of Umno Youth members marched from the Cheras Umno division office in Jalan Peel to the DAP headquarters, bringing traffic to a standstill. 

They shouted Hidup Melayu (Long Live The Malays), Bangkit Melayu (Rise, Malays) and Jangan hina Melayu (Don't insult the Malays). 

Last week, Nga posted two controversial Raya greetings on his Facebook. 

He eventually removed the posts - one that showed the US flag and the message “In God We Trust” which he took from the official page of Christian evangelist James Dobson, and the other a cartoon linking duit Raya with dedak. 

The police are now investigating him for sedition.


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