KL CHRONICLE: Dato Sri S. @VellPaari : Status Update on baby Yashveena's medical condition

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dato Sri S. @VellPaari : Status Update on baby Yashveena's medical condition


In regards to baby Yashveena who has been having critical liver problem. From about 25th May after her admission at Apollo Hospital Chennai, I have been visiting Yashveena and her parents in Chennai roughly every forth night to ensure that her well being is being looked after. 

Last Thursday at about 7pm Malaysian time, one year old Baby Yashveena underwent her liver transplant surgery at Apollo Hospital Chennai. The surgery was delayed a number of times due to her liver complications she kept having fever or flu. In that condition she could not undergo her liver transplant to avoid viral infection. I am very grateful to Apollo Hospital who gave her the best care and a swift and speedy recovery from this complications to prepare her for the surgery. 

She is currently being cared for separately in her own private ICU room at Apollo Hospital Chennai. The reason we had to isolate her was to avoid her contracting any virus or viral diseases from any other patients in ICU should she have been warded to a common ICU ward. 

Her dad informed me last night that she will be monitored there for at least 48 hours. The most important point to take note of is that her father is extremely happy that her liver is now functioning. I will keep all updated on her medical status during the course of the next few days time. 

I must thank Sister Nanthini a member of Baby Yashveena's family who helped in getting all the required documents in Malaysia for submission to Indian Government Health Department. 

I must also thank the Malaysian Consular General in Chennai Mr. Ahmad Fajarazam and one of his Counsul's Mr. Hares for his speediness in assisting to expedite all the necessary paper work processing for the Indian Health Authority for the liver transplant approval. 

Even though initially I only committed to all Baby Yashveena's surgical expenses of RM200,000 due to the difficult situation the family is faced with I have also decided to to absorb all their accommodation expenses in Chennai. 

All I ask for is a prayer for Baby Yashveena's speedy recovery allowing her to enjoy a normal and healthy life that most of us just take for granted.

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