KL CHRONICLE: Now it is @AzminAli turn to be under attack

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Now it is @AzminAli turn to be under attack

Today, Joceline Tan of The Star wrote ‘Crisis in Selangor – PAS may be booted out of state govt’(READ HERE). Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali’s office and PKR leaders, however, have denied that report (READ BELOW).
This is just like Anwar Ibrahim’s letter from prison earlier this week. One leader said it is a fake. Another said it is authentic and refused to comment further. Then another said the letter was meant purely for internal purposes and should not have been made public.
Hakam president Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasen, said, “I think what I am most surprised by is that a private letter by Anwar found its way into the public domain. It was a letter for his close colleagues in the party, which contained his most private thoughts and unfortunately it has found its way into the press. He has every right to air his views and we should not comment on them as he wrote them sitting in prison and believing his words would remain private. It is his right to pen his innermost feelings. Anwar’s views are always welcome.”

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