KL CHRONICLE: @WSJ caught with its pants down, again!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

@WSJ caught with its pants down, again!

Mahathir has been using WSJ to bring down a democratically elected Prime Minister
One assumes that if it were a foreign publication then it would never report anything but the truth. Well, that may not be quite true. For 27 years Liverpool fought to clear the names of the 96 people who died at Hillsborough.

The British press, in particular newspapers owned by a renowned media mogul, said some very nasty things about those who died. (In fact, during the memorial service in Liverpool two days ago, The Sun and Murdock’s name were mentioned and condemned by the Mayor).

They not only said nasty things about the 96 who died. They even slandered the Liverpool fans by saying that some of the Liverpool supporters urinated on the dead bodies and had beaten up police officers. Even the BBC wrongly reported what happened regarding the Liverpool fans breaking in to the stadium, which was not true.

I remember ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corporation) running a special report more than ten years ago where it said that the FAC (Free Anwar Campaign) was being funded by the same Arabs who had financed the terrorists involved in the 911 attacks. I, for a fact, know that that is not true.


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