KL CHRONICLE: @VellPaari : Wrong to say MIC did not help Mr. Parthiban

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

@VellPaari : Wrong to say MIC did not help Mr. Parthiban

Press Statement By 
Dato Seri S.Vell Paari
Treasurer General
Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)

Mr. Parthiban who had completed his medical degree at University of Sumatra was not able to collect his Medical Degree as there was still an outstanding amount of RM 85,000. Should he fail to settle the amount due by 25th April 2016, then his medical degree becomes invalid whereby he has to re-sit for his qualification papers. 

Mr. Parthiban had previously received RM 75,000 from MIC bodies. Another RM 63,000 will be provided to him by MIC
Yesterday MIC President Datuk Seri Dr. Subramanian requested me to speak to Mr. Parthiban to see how MIC can assist him. I spoke to Mr. Parthiban and he informed me that he has received contribution of RM 22,000 from concerned souls. Hence now he needs only RM 63,000 to settle his fees. Which we (MIC) have agreed to assist. I have told Mr. Parthiban the payment will be made directly to the university and he has to furnish us with the account details to do so.
My point is on the comment that Datuk Seri Dr Subramanian nor MIC has not helped him. This is not true. MiED ( MIC's Education Foundation ) have to date given him RM 55,000 and Tan Sri Manickavasagam Fund in 2013 had given him RM 20,000. Hence he has received a total of RM 75,000 from MIC bodies. 
Furthermore on January 27th 2016 Mr. Parthiban visited MiED seeking further funds to settle his RM 85,000 outstanding with Sumatra University. MiED offered RM 10,000 immediately but was willing to increase to RM 20,000 if he can show he was able to raise the balance of the RM 85,000. He was to revert back to MiED.
While we have agreed to assist him, the false claim that MIC did not do so had to be put right.

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