KL CHRONICLE: @vellpaari : Is Dr. Mahathir going to reverse the fortune of this nation? #SaveMsia

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

@vellpaari : Is Dr. Mahathir going to reverse the fortune of this nation? #SaveMsia

Referring to a recent statements by Tun Mahathir, calling for the resignation of PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak on the signing of 1MDB documents. I would also like to point a few factual facts that the former Prime Minister has conveniently tried to ignore.

The current politics of Tun Mahathir are about distortion of facts and history is being re-written again. Principles are being revised to suit his personal convenience and political expedience. Serious issues are being presented in a grossly simplistic manner, such that they no longer represent the truth.

The issue that we are concerned with is a serious issue. It involves the degree of actual responsibility one bears when he or she signs a document.

When the Board or a Committee of a Bank signs a document, are they confirming all the factual verifications done by their officers eg. searches on Bankruptcy etc ? Or can they approve the transaction on the basis of the conform of the broad principles and allow the details to be worked out by the professionals that run the organization ?

An advisorial role involves maintaining that space and distance.

Dr M was in a very similar situation when he testified for Tun Ling in PKFZ. He was at that time very quick and very firm in limiting the responsibility of Tun Ling.
He suggested that Ministers are not responsible for the veracity of information submitted to the Cabinet.
He even downplayed his responsibility by suggesting that as a Finance Minister he was largely ignorant of “contract” principles.

Kit Siang called it the “Mother Of All Scandals”.  Yet it is a scandal he no longer pursues.

These were the words of Mahathir then:

Tun Majid: “The word cash, no need to be an accountant, doctor or lawyer. Even a schoolboy knows the word. Were you not truthful?”

 Dr Mahathir: “I beg your pardon. I am being truthful.

“I merely said I may have used the terms inaccurately because I was not familiar with these terms."

“Schoolboys understand cash but do not understand cash price, contract price, purchase price and special price."

“I am as good as a schoolboy at that time.”

It is easy to present a complex matter to the public in very misleading and simplistic terms and suggest that the PM is either stupid or is a criminal. So was Tun Ling stupid also? Was Tun Mahathir's close friend Tan Sri Eric Chia also stupid for the sort of remittances made.

These are cases where we have all learned that simplictic thinking and emotions differ from lawful responsibility. So was Tun Mahathir stupid for paying an astronomical price for MAS shares ??

Listen closely to Tun Mahathir's speeches and statements.

Listen to his condescending manner, his flippant attitude, his disregard for fact and truth.

Listen to how he testifies when he is held accountable and how he accuses others.

Listen to how casually he accused 1MDB of losing more than RM 50 billion. Note that he is the only person in the world who has made such an allegation.

Remember of prophecies of doom just a few months ago and appreciate the resilience the economy and the RM has shown.

My dear Malaysians, you need not like the PM Datuk Seri Najib or agree with him. But we can at least open our eyes to the fact that he has served us well in this difficult time.
Looking back both he and his immediate predecessor Tun Badawi made some very hard decisions to steer the country on a track of high performance, sustainability. We see this today in the level of economic performance, think about this and trust your own judgment.

Under Tun Mahathir In 1998 GDP fell 7.4%, Inflation reached 5.3%, the RM fell by over 50%. Interest rates went up by 18%, Stock Market fell by 75%, Forex Reserves were just RM 20 billion to finance 2.7 times our imports, publicly attempted to secure a loan from Singapore.

GDP under PM Datuk Seri Najib reached RM 326.9 billion. It grew by a total of 61%. Tun Mahathir first 6 years the aggregate GDP Growth was barely 20%. Tun Mahathir's last 6 years were similarly unimpressive. In 2002 GDP just recovered to 1997 levels.

Under Najib the Stock Market is nearly 1,700 points nearly double where he took over.
In Dr M’s 1st 6 years the market crashed by 50%.  In his last 6 years it was about 800 points and even dipped below 300 points;

Hence we seriously need to ask ourselves this question,
" Is the former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir going to reverse the fortunes of this nation?? "
Press Statement By,
Dato Seri S.Vell Paari
Treasurer General
Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC)

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